This is a casual game for the "Chaos and Order" Gamejam promoted by Geta Games.

We decide to do this project as different as possible, especially the gameplay.


If you don't hear anything on the menu, try wait a while until it starts and refresh the page

Try to play Story Mode first, it helps a lot with the gameplay of other modes.

Go slow with the "Space" and "Return" buttons. Don't press it too fast.

The record of Challenge Mode starts as 111:111 everytime you refresh the page.

Yeah, we know that Matt is really OP ok?  But we like it :3

Especial thanks to "Project SD team" and friends :)

Enjoy :)

Made withConstruct
TagsCasual, Funny, PvP, Relaxing, Versus


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This is a really need idea for the theme.  I unfortunately didn't have anyone to play this with but I can see how it would be fun!  Good job!

Thank you <3 We are looking to create an online version for the browser and post here on soo, follow us for possible updates!

Awesome!  I can't wait to see it!